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electric smoke generator for 200 litres chamber

electric smoke generator for 200 litres chamber

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electric smoke generator for 200 litres chamber

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The smoke generator has a decisive influence on the success of smoking – it ensures an even operation manifested in the uniform combustion of the supplied wood chips. Such conditions guarantee the best natural products – aromatic, rich in taste and eye-catching colour.

This model of smoke generator will not work in the USA, Canada due to power voltage. Our device works only with 220 Volts power supply, not 110 Volts.

They say that there is no smoke without a fire… we have a different opinion. Smoke chips that travel through spiral are not burned with a flame but by appropriate temperature, which allows extracting smoke from them – this ensures that food will not be blackened.

Full filling reservoir with chips allows you to smoke most products without adding chips during the process.

The smoke generator was created to be used with the Borniak smoker, but it can be used with other devices, as long as they have the appropriate fixing. The device works with chambers with a capacity of up to 200L.

The smoke generator has been produced from stainless steel casing. It's connected to mains via a kettle plug (provided). UK Plug with 3 pins.

Smoke Generator features:

➡️ Capacity

The generator’s reservoir is so capacious that after filling it with wood chips it produces smoke for up to 8 hours.

In addition, wood chips can be easily covered with a lid on top of the generator.

➡️ Safety
Heater Shield prevents condensate from your products from getting on smouldering chips.

➡️ Control
Air holes are used to regulate the amount of air supplied to the smoker chamber.

➡️ Temperature
The heating element has been designed so that smouldering wood chips give the best taste qualities to your smoked meats. No flame means no blackened meats and unhealthy substances.


Product code

External dimensions (Length x Width x Height)
180 mm x 355 mm x 250 mm

Made from
Stainless Steel

115 Watt

Reservoir capacity
2 Litres

2 kg

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