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BBQ 1115W 70L 150C Smokehouse

BBQ  1115W 70L 150C Smokehouse

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BBQ 1115W 70L 150C Smokehouse

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This Smoker has been designed for users who do not need a large capacity smokehouse. You can begin with this smoker and smoke up to 10 kg of meats, fish, sausages or veggies, fruits. It's a great BBQ smoker for smoking beginners, you don't need to know much about smoking meats or fish. It's really easy, you just set the temperature of smoking and fill the smoke generator up with wood chips (included in the box).

The whole smoking process is automatic, so you can sit and relax, while the smoker does the job, controls the temperature and smoke. The temperature is controlled by a digital control panel, which has been especially designed for Borniak Smokers. The digital unit has an advanced "fuzzy logic" algorithm.

Fuzzy logic is an approach to computing based on "degrees of truth" rather than the usual "true or false" (1 or 0) Boolean logic on which the modern computer is based.

The smoker is equipped with a high tech temperature sensor PT1000, very accurate. Our digital controller doesn't need any calibration from the user, it adjust the temperature automatically. We call the digital controller SIMPLE, because it's really simple to be used by the user. You just set the temperature using the knob and press the knob to confirm your choice. That's it. The rest is done by the controller and temperature algorithm.

The casing is manufactured from stainless steel sheets, resistant to unfavourable weather conditions. The inside has been made with materials approved for food contact. Polyurethane foam provides the smoker with proper insulation, at the same time being a guarantee of the right smoking temperature. The temperature is regulated by a 1115 Watts heater, whose work is monitored by a digital thermostat.

The smoker is fitted with a tight door, an air damp regulating the flow of the air, and an ashtray. The soul of the machine is obviously the smoke generator - the guarantee of successful smoking.

The smokers are shipped from Poole, UK based warehouse. Shipping via Parcelforce Courier takes 2 to 3 days in the UK.

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